How to Choose the Best Stair Lift for You

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How to Choose the Best Stair Lift for You

best stair lift|best stair lift

How to Choose the Best Stair Lift for You


If you're looking for a stair lift, there are many options to choose from. We've listed several options below: AmeriGlide, Stannah, Bruno Elan, and Handicare. Each model offers different features and benefits. To help you determine which is right for you, consider the pros and cons of each.


Handicare is making moves to increase its presence in North America, and one of them is opening a local production facility for its stairlifts. The new facility will enable Handicare to cut lead times and improve its competitiveness by reducing production costs. It expects to open the new facility in the next twelve months.

Handicare offers a variety of different models and styles of stairlifts. Its warranty is very generous, covering both the motor and gearbox for a full lifetime. There is also a five-year warranty on curved stairlifts. These lifts are relatively inexpensive, and will add more mobility to any home.

Whether you have straight or curved stairs, the Handicare stair lifts are an excellent option. A Handicare stair lift can be installed in as little as four hours. Some models even come with financing. Handicare also offers financing through their dealers.


An AmeriGlide stair lift is a great option for homeowners who are looking for an easy way to get up and down stairs. This product features an easily adjustable stair incline, a built-in safety rail, and a battery pack. If your lift breaks down, you can contact your dealer to get it repaired. However, you should be aware that the dealer will not cover the costs of parts or labor unless you have proof of purchase.

Another feature of AmeriGlide stair lifts is that they use a rack and pinion drive train, which is known for being very quiet and durable. They are made in the United States using the highest quality components. Because of the high quality of the AmeriGlide stair lift, you can rest assured that your lift will work when you need it.

AmeriGlide stair lift models come with digital diagnostics displays, which are useful for customers who live far away from their service center. Additionally, the stairlifts come with a key lock, which prevents unauthorized use. This is especially important if you have young children in the home. The cost of an AmeriGlide stairlift varies depending on the model and its features. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,349 to $3,195.


The company Stannah Lifts Holdings Ltd produces stairlifts, elevators, and escalators. Its headquarters are in Andover, Hampshire. The company has a variety of products to help people with mobility challenges get to a higher level of independence. They manufacture stairlifts, elevators, and moving walkways that help people get from one level of the home to another.

Each Stannah stairlift is custom-built to fit your staircase. You can request a free in-home survey to find the right fit. A specialist adviser will visit your home to discuss your mobility needs, measure the stairs, and answer your questions. Afterward, a technician will install your new lift in four hours. He will also show you how to use it.

The company's stairlifts are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are tested for up to 20 years of use, and are very robust. The seats are made of UV-resistant plastic, and the lift is able to operate in temperatures from 14 to 105 degrees. They also include a removable key for added security.

Bruno Elan

The Bruno Elan stair lift features a swivel seat at the top landing and an adjustable height seat. It also includes safety features like obstruction sensors, seat belts, and flip-up armrests. The manufacturer also offers five-year limited warranties on the major components of its stairlifts, as well as a two-year parts warranty. The company also offers additional warranty coverage through its dealers.

The Bruno Elite stairlift is similar to the Elan, but it holds 400 pounds. The Elite model has a larger seat and is compatible with Bruno's curved rail system. In addition, it has a hidden track and a call/send remote. It is also very quiet.

The Bruno Elan is one of the most popular stairlifts on the market. It offers standard functionality, unmatched reliability, and a stylish design. It has a slim profile, which blends seamlessly with the decor of a family home. It also offers two wireless remote controls to make it easy for family members to use.

Here is how to choose the best stairlift for you and your home

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