Stairlift installation in Moira, County Down

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Stairlift installation in Moira, County Down

Are you looking for a new stairlift in Moira, County Down? Now you can easily get it installed with the help of local experts. Get ready to experience convenience and safety at home with the latest stairlift installation. You won’t have to worry about stumbling on your stairs any more!

We recently installed a curved stairlift for a customer in Moira, County Down

We recently had the privilege of installing a curved stairlift for a customer in Moira, County Down. Curved stairlifts are a great option for customers with more intricate staircases who may not be able to accommodate a straight stairlift. The customer had an L-shaped staircase that made installation a little tricky, but with careful planning and execution we successfully installed and tested a minimally invasive curved stair lift system, providing seamless access up and down the stairs all in one day.

The customer was delighted with the result; they now have easy access to their first floor again thanks to our innovative curved rail system that wraps around their staircase. With breath-taking views of the countryside and the Irish Sea from their landing window, every journey up or down is an opportunity to take in some of Moira’s most stunning scenery!

Our team is highly trained and experienced in measuring, designing and installing curved (and straight) stairlifts for both commercial and residential use. We ensure each curve is custom-made according to your exact requirements using only robust components from industry leading suppliers such as Bespoke Stairlifts – so you can trust that your new lift will be reliable for years to come. So if you’re living in or around Moira or anywhere else in County Down, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re here to help!

Moira customer has a curved stair lift installed in her home.

A Moira customer has recently had a curved stair lift installed in her home. For those unfamiliar with this type of device, it enables people with mobility impairments to safely ascend and descend stairs. It’s also known as a “stairlift” or “Stair Glider” and can be custom-fitted to curve around corners and banisters, ensuring the utmost safety for the user.

The company that installed the curved stair lift in Moira was the experts, NI Stairlifts Belfast. They specialize in supplying and installing stairlifts in homes throughout County Down, Northern Ireland. In this particular case, they supplied and installed a straight-track stairlift 75m long and a curved track 10m long for the home occupants in Moira. Both tracks were fixed specifically to meet the exact specifications required by their customer at a height that best suited their needs.

Safety was of paramount importance during installation, with all necessary health and safety measures taken into account when carrying out installation works onsite. Protective covers were used throughout so as not to interfere with any existing electrics or carpentry work already present onsite before commencement of installation works began. Every test was carried out both before and after installation; this included testing of load limits on each rail as well as audio warnings being fitted on all bends in the curve rail system to signal changes in direction of travel whilst gliding down/upstairs such as at switchback points or turns onto landings etcetera that feature on some stair systems.

Stairlift installations are complex projects that require detailed planning and specialist skillsets from qualified engineers – tasks unsuitable for DIY enthusiast looking to undertake a project without expert guidance from experienced professionals such as NI Stairlifts Belfast Ltd who are experienced professionals in providing accessible solutions via their Stairlifts range from basic models up to more tech savvy models fitted with apps offering real time monitoring offsite by experienced engineers located near Moira County Down Northern Ireland. So if you require safe accessibility solutions for your staircase get called Stairlifts Belfast Ltd today!

Local stairlift company helps County Down lady

Recently, a County Down lady greatly benefited from the services of a local stairlift company. The lady, who is a senior citizen, was unable to traverse the stairs in her Moira home due to her age and mobility impairments. The installation of a stairlift in her home allowed her to move safely and without worry up and down the flights of steps.

The need for a qualified stairlift installer was paramount when it came to this particular job. An old building such as Moira’s presents unique challenges that combine safety regulations with specialized working conditions. The task requires not only skills in installation but also knowledge in fitting regulation fixtures; even small irregularities can be the difference between approved work or not.

The job itself was handled quickly and efficiently by the area’s premier stairlift company whose team was able to complete it on time and within budget. Very satisfied with the end result, our county down customer had nothing but glowing words for the quality of their service as every single detail had been taken care of with utmost attention to detail throughout the entire process.

The couple looks forward to many more years living life free from staircase-related worries now that their trusty little stairlift provides them an independent and convenient way up and down their home – with style!

If you are looking for stairlifts near me – then call us

People in Moira, County Down, who are looking for stairlifts near them can make the right choice by calling our installation professionals. With years of installation experience, we are devoted to helping our customers choose the right stair lift suitable for their individual needs and preferences. We provide a wide range of models and brands that best match any staircase and budget.

Our qualified team is available to assess your staircase in Moira, County Down before providing a no-obligation quote on which type of stairlift you need and how much the whole process will cost. We also make sure that each home’s unique requirements are taken into account when we install lifts within your property. Through thorough measurements, we ensure that all parts used during installation meet safety standards as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

With reliable customer care throughout the process, we strive to offer a pleasant shopping experience that fits every individual need. We understand finding a local installation service for stairlifts may feel overwhelming but with us it doesn’t have to be – contact us today for more information about stair lifts near you in Moira, County Down!

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