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Stairlifts Dundonald. Living in Dundonald and looking for a stairlift? We can help. A few weeks ago we installed a new stairlift in the home of one of our customers in Dundonald. The gentleman who is in his 60’s had a bad car accident in the past and now has difficulty with stairs. He’s been living in Dundonald for over 30 years and didn’t want to move from his home.

We installed the stairlift in one day and now he can get up and down the stairs with ease. The stairs are quite narrow, but our curved stairlift wraps around the bannister at the bottom and folds up when not in use.

Feel free to contact us if you are considering getting a stairlift in your home or business – or even if you just have a few questions. Thanks for reading

Are you thinking about getting a stairlift?

Dundonald is a vibrant town near Belfast that is home to many families. This town has recently embraced the latest home access technology, from NI-stairlifts. The home StairLift is a revolutionary way to make life easier for those who have difficulty navigating staircases.

Our Stair Lift is a battery-powered device that helps individuals who have difficulty climbing stairs to do so safely and effortlessly. It is designed to fit on most standard staircases and is adjustable for different heights. The stairlift is also equipped with a folding rail that helps the user to step up into the lift and then return to the floor once they have reached their destination.

The StairLift is perfect for Dundonald residents who have difficulty climbing stairs. The device is not only easy to install but also provides a safe, comfortable and convenient way to access the upper floors of their homes. It also helps to reduce the risk of falls and injuries due to stair climbing.

Our Stair Lift can be customised to fit any staircase and its features include a power-operated swivel seat, a footrest that can be adjusted to different heights, and a remote control that can be used to operate the lift. The device also has a safety switch that stops the lift if it encounters an obstruction. It also has a battery backup system so that the user can be sure of a safe return to the ground floor in case of a power failure.

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Dundonald Stairlifts

The NI-Stairlift Stair Lift is an affordable and reliable solution for Dundonald residents who struggle to access their upper floors. It is a cost-effective way to improve home access and make life easier for those with limited mobility. The device is easy to install, safe to use and can be customised to fit any staircase.

Our affordable StairLift is a revolutionary device that is changing the lives of Dundonald residents who may have divfficulty using the stairs in their home. It is a practical and affordable solution that helps those with mobility issues to access the upper floors of their homes with ease and safety. It is also helping to make life easier for the elderly and disabled residents.

The NI-Stairlift StairLift is a great example of the latest technology being embraced by the people in the Dundonald area. It is a practical and affordable way to improve home access and make life easier for those with limited mobility.

Stairlift Dundonald

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